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This item has been locked by a reviewer.

A reviewer locks an item by clicking this icon.

Must be addressed on-site by reviewer. Not editable by others.

Flag used to help you know you need to come back to this.

Indicates a new item for this school year.

Indicates the item has been updated for this school year.

Indicates the item in not being evaluated this year but is upcoming in future years.


Not Yet Started No information has been entered into the probe for that specific District.
ROE Requested ROE requested to district superintendent for superintendent assurance.
District Requested District superintendent requested to ROE for superintendent assurance.
District Accepted - Pending Creation District superintendent accepted superintendent assurance. The evaluation will be created overnight.
ROE Accepted - Pending Creation ROE accepted superintendent assurance from the district superintendent. The evaluation will be created overnight.
District Response Information has been entered into the probe but the "Submit to Reviewer" button has not been selected.
Submitted The "Submit to Reviewer" button has been selected by the District. The answered probe is available for the Region to review. The District can not make changes at this time.
Final The "Finalize" button has been selected by the Region Reviewer. Now the Probe is complete and locked.
Recognition Accepted The recognition has been accepted by the ROE and no evaluation is needed for that current year.

How do I upload a file?
To upload a file you can either click the "Add Document or Website" link thats next to each policy or you can click the Documents tab on the left hand side menu. In there you can click the "Chose file" button. To then upload the file click the Done/Submit button at the bottom of the page.

How do I delete a file?
To remove a document, click on the Documents tab, find the document and click Delete located on the right side of the screen.

How do I remove a file from a policy but keep it in the system?
To remove a file from a policy click the "Add Document or Website" link in the policy. Then uncheck the box next to the file you want removed. Lastly click the submit button to save your settings.

Is there any way to print a page that contains all of the policies?
You can create a PDF that contains all of the policies by clicking on the Summary button in the left side menu. Then click on Print Entire Evaluation.

Can ROE staff attach files or links?
No, only district staff can add files or links.